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With our products from we want to give our customers the opportunity to easily prepare delicious, diverse and wholesome meals. Many people fear to commit to plant based nutrition because they think of it as too time consuming or lacking of protein. We develop products that tackle both of these fears. Our initial product line are crispy protein rich toppings made from high quality ingredients without any additives, which are easy to prepare. These enhance meals like for example salads, vegetables, burgers, ramen and many more with a protein rich, crispy and creatively seasoned component. For our products, we use sweet lupin beans, which are a regional protein source. We aim to pursue a holistic sustainable approach as lupin plants are also known for improving the quality of soils. Crispy Lupins combined with red cabbage, sweet pepper and onions in a bowl of Ramen expressing the tastiness.
Co-founder Rouven Felix Pfleger and co-founder Thiemo Zehle in front of flowers expressing ease.

Our Team

We are the founders of Together we want to develop vegan products which are so delicious that you don’t miss meat or dairy. As a bonus we make sure to keep an eye on sustainability so you can focus on enjoying your meal.

Co-founder Rouven Felix Pfleger in front of flowers expressing ease.

Rouven Pfleger


My focus is on the development of our products. If you have questions regarding the preparation or need inspiration for recipes with our products, you are welcome to address them to me.

Co-founder Thiemo Zehle in front of flowers expressing ease.

Thiemo Zehle


I am the main responsible for the operative and organisational part of If you are interested in retail of our products, feel free to contact me.

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