CRISPY LUPINS Mediterranean

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Elevate your salads with a crispy twist! The perfect topping to add a burst of flavour and texture to your greens or try it even with other dishes. 🥗

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Get the Mediterranean bliss

CRISPY LUPINS Mediterranean embodies the essence of Mediterranean cuisine. Imagine savouring this delectable mix combined with fresh salad, rocket, cucumber, olives, tomatoes and chives. The result is a harmonious union of textures and tastes that mirrors the vibrant Mediterranean region.

But CRISPY LUPINS Mediterranean is more than just a dry mix; it’s a culinary revelation waiting to grace your kitchen. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or someone just embarking on their plantbased journey, this product invites you to explore the endless possibilities to enhance your meals with a delicious, crispy, vegan protein source and give them a Mediterranean touch.

What sets CRISPY LUPINS Mediterranean apart is its remarkable versatility. You can try them instead of crisps fried in small portions with some vegan sour cream but this mix is not confined to a single culinary application. Whether you aim to elevate your salads, add flair to your vegetable dishes, craft a Mediterranean-inspired burger patty, or introduce a crispy twist to your favourite dishes, CRISPY LUPINS Mediterranean has you covered.



💪 29 % protein*

🌱 vegan and organic

⭐️ no additives or added sugar


DK: Muligheder og opskrifter

Kan kombineres med din yndlingsmad, eller hvis du har lyst til noget nyt, kan du finde nogle opskriftsidéer her

GB: Options and recipes

Combine with your favourite food, or if you fancy something new, you’ll find a few recipe ideas here


DK: Ingredienser

Sødlupiner spredt¹ (52%), hvedemel¹, græskarkerner¹, krydderiblanding (oregano¹, basilikum¹, timian¹, hvidløg¹, persille¹, merian¹, rosmarin¹, sellerisalt¹), salt, loppefrøskaller¹. ¹ = økologisk

GB: Ingredients

Shredded sweet lupins¹ (52%), wheat flour¹, pumpkin seeds¹, mixed spices (oregano¹, basil¹, thyme¹, garlic¹, parsley¹, marjoram¹, rosemary¹, celery salt¹), salt, psyllium husks¹. ¹ = organic


DK: Næringsindhold pr. 100 g / GB: Nutrition values per 100 g

Energi / Energy 1501 kJ / 352 kcal
Fedt / Fat 10 g
heraf mættede fedtsyrer / of which saturates 1,3 g
Kulhydrat / Carbohydrates 43 g
heraf sukker / of which sugars 1,9 g
Kostfibre / Fiber 23 g
Protein 29 g
Salt 3,3 g


100 % recyclable because it’s just a mono-plastic.

pictogram of plastic rubbish


*i tørblanding/in dry mixture

Weight 136 g
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 2 cm
DK: Betegnelse af fødevaren / GB: Description of the food

DK: Tørblanding til tilberedning af veganske patties/toppings
GB: Dry mix for the preparation of vegan patties/toppings

DK: Tilberedning

1. Posens indhold hældes i en skål
2. Tilføjes 120 ml koldt vand
3. Hviles i 5 minutter
4. Formes patties, kugler eller små bunker
5. Steges i olie på en pande ved 2/3 varme eller bages i ovnen ved 180 °C over- og undervarme i cirka 25 minutter afhængig af størrelsen. Tip: Hvis tilberedes i ovnen, skal de pensles med olie på forhånd

GB: Preparation

1. Pour the contents of the bag into a bowl
2. Add 120 ml cold water
3. Leave to rest for 5 minutes
4. Form patties, balls or small piles
5. Fry in oil in a pan at 2/3 heat or bake in the oven at 180 °C top and bottom heat for about 25 minutes depending on size. Tip: If preparing in the oven, brush with oil first

DK: Portioner og tilberedningsvægt / GB: Portions and preparation weight

DK: 4 portioner som tilbehør. Ca. 185 g efter tilberedning i ovnen.
GB: 4 portions as a side dish. About 185 g after preparation in oven.

DK: Opbevaring / GB: Storage

DK: Tørt ved stuetemperatur
GB: Store in dry place at room temperature

DK: Nettovægt / GB: Net weight

130 g ℮

DK: Firmanavn / GB: Company name ApS
Theodore Roosevelts Vej 19, 3. 3
2450 København SV

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Packaging of CRISPY LUPINS Mediterranean with a drawing of a serving suggestion as a topping on a green salad.CRISPY LUPINS Mediterranean
kr.39,95 incl. Moms

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